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Rainforest Ship

Jungle Adventure

Bolivian Amazon

Dry season (May through June) 4 days

FIRST DAY: Set sail, northwards, on the majestic Mamoré River, born in the Andean heights. Get ready for Native fishing. Walks and baths along white solitary sand beaches. Later on we´ll enjoy a rejuvenating Mud bath, get ready fo some fun. We´ll also be able to observe river dolphins or bufeos as they are known in the region. During the night we´ll go on a Caimaneada (caiman watching).


SECOND DAY: We´ll exchange goods with the locals. Ride horses on a cattle ranch, and visit a native community. Abubuya baths in the great Mamoré (Abubuya: floating devices)

During the night we´ll feast will enjoying a presentation of the Archeology of the Moxos region.


THIRD DAY: Enjoy a scenic walk through the jungle. From there, we´ll head towards the Boca (the confluence of the Mamoré and Ibare rivers) area, a favorite feeding area for the local dolphins. Night camp


FOURTH DAY: We´ll start the day with a walk through the prehistoric artificial mounds, home to an ancient civilization that inhabited the area. From there we will return to port on board smaller boats along the Ibare River.

Amazon basin map

Llanos de Moxos wetland

Amazon river cruise map trip