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Rainforest cruise Reina de enin

Reina de Enín - Amazon River Cruise Ship


Our area of Operations

The Queen of Enin, better known as Reina de Enín, is the only Amazonian Cruise that is located in the southern part of the Amazon River. Among the 8 countries that make up the Basin, of almost 8 thousand square kilometers of surface, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador, have cruises. All of them in the north of it. The Bolivian Amazon is the most untouched of all, the best preserved and with the largest area of forests without intervening. This makes the Queen's area of operations, as the most preserved Amazon of all, the fundamental argument for being the best Amazonian cruise among all. 

Our Vessel

Our ship is 26 meters long, with all the services to accommodate up to 34 people in three levels. Our rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning. Our vessel is surrounded by open-air terraces on the three floors, with hammocks and comfortable relaxing chairs. Our multiple terraces permit us to serve our buffet food inside or outside as you prefer. We also count a 24/7 bar where we have board games and a library of fiction novels and research books about the Bolivian Amazon region.




cruise dinning room cruise top deck view


 Technical Specifications on Board Reina de Enin

Facilities and services
· Rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning
· Full kitchen with all facilities, including refrigerator available
· Multiple recreational areas (terraces, hammocks, reading room, bar, 3 floors)
· Board games (chess, dominoes, dice, etc.)
· Site library that includes works of fiction (novels) and research (guides, biology, ethnic groups, etc.)
· Food buffet
· Bar 24/7
· 220 Volts in hours of overnight stay of passengers on the ship (morning, noon and night)
· Bilingual guides

· First aid kit
· Cell phone signal in the vicinity (Communication secured in cases of emergency)
· Speedboats for faster transportation
· Nautical maps at scale

· Powerful lantern that ensures a better sighting of alligators at night
· Accessories for swimming development, tubes
· Seasonal fumigation system against insects
· Water tempered according to climate

3 motorized Canoes

The Reina de Enin is also equipped with a small fleet of motorized small boats which provide unlimited mobility and allow for the exploration of the most remote areas and inaccessible shores. These also allow small groups of people to go out from the boat to different places accordingly to days activities. If someone prefers to enjoy the scenery around the boat, they can stay at the ship or even choose to go off to do a customized activity.

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Amazon Cruise Deck Plans

Side Deck

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