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Community development, sustainable and responsible tourism.

Reina de Enín – Amazon River Cruise is a pioneer enterprise promoting the concept of eco-tourism in the area and making effective the actions aimed to strengthen the notion of sustainable development from the local perspective. Among the outstanding results of this path of our actions, in the year 2009, it is the creation of the Municipal Protected Area Ibare - Mamoré, concluding with its declaration in the year 2011.

The principles of the company are based on eco-awareness through sustainable, supportive and responsible tourism. To our eco-tourism-focused activities, Reina de Enín – Amazon River Cruise supports important work in this natural habitat like:

- Collaboration in research activities at departmental and national level (e.g. biologist meetings, Iniaboliviensis census, collaboration with the Biodiversity and Environment Research Center of the University of Beni, support to the Tourism faculty, etc)

- Event organization, promotion, awareness-raising and environmental education activities (such as the "I Clean the River" campaign currently in execution in coordination with the Tourism unit of the Governor’s office

- Support to the city authorities in the management empowerment and promotion of the APM (local natural park) in order to strengthen the sustainable development concept in the field of their action.

- Local culture promotion

To sum up, the Flotel constitutes an Enterprise that not only develops eco-tourism activities but also promotes this as a model of sustainable development in coordination with the local communities, local authorities and departmental educational centers.

National plan workshop for an action for the conservation of the Bolivian dolphin

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