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Excellence from beginning to end in our chain of operators Creative Tours.

The enterprise - Creative Tours

The Queen of Enín is part of an important chain of tour operators since 1984. In 2011 this chain was renewed as Creative Tours revolutionizing the traditional market of conventional operations in the Bolivian territory, focusing on developing strong connections between the Andes and the Amazon, in order to show two wonders of the world - Moxos and the Salt Flats of Uyuni, with extraordinary trips.

Creative tours is a company made up of autonomous teams, distributed in key places in the country with decision-making capacity in order to offer the best possible programs for each of our clients; being this the basis of a chain of excellence from the beginning to the end of our contact with our travelers. Creative Tours brings together the following: The Amazon River Cruise "Queen of Enin", the Jungle Hotel "El Puente", the mountain hotel "Berghotel Carolina", and a tour agency in Uyuni with its own operation "Uyuni Expediciones" - partner of the Tayka Hotels and creator of the "Ruta Tayka" in the Bolivian Salt Flats.


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If you are planning a trip to Bolivia and you are looking for more tours to Bolivia, as well as inbound tour or ground tour operator then our Creative Tours branch is the best choice you can make. They can help you organize a complete vacation in any destination in Bolivia. Uyuni expeditions can help you organize a trip to Uyuni Salt flats/plains. Carolina Berghotel is the only mountain hotel in Bolivia, and Hotel de Selva El Puente is a jungle hotel in the Chapare region known for its adventure jungle activities.  Feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about tours to Bolivia, so we can channel you to the most appropriate of our branch offices. 


Even though Moxos floodplains are the least traveled destination in Bolivia (great for biodiversity and nature-based tourism), compared to the Andes ranges in La Paz, or the Madidi lodges, or the Jesuit Missions in Santa Cruz, it is daily accessible on a one-hour airplane trip from two international airports. How to fly to Trinidad

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