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Full Day Program


Reception and transfer from the airport (or from hotel) to Ballivián Port on the Ibare river. Presentation of the crew of the boat and internal tour of the boat by the Captain or guide. Presentation and clarification of the program to follow. Indications proper to the boat and precautions to take into account.

Afterwards, we´ll have a short sailing in a smaller boat to the indigenous community of Copacabana on the Ibare river. The crossing in this area is characterized by a picturesque landscape accompanied by the sighting of some species of fauna of the place. In the community, we perform the observation and interpretation of species of flora, traditional systems of crops, plantations, uses and customs and history.

At noon we will return to our boat where we will start sailing north on the Ibare river. Lunchtime is served at 13:00 enjoying the breeze of the river while sailing on the Ibare river.

After lunch there will be a reasonable time for the passenger's rest, then we will be transported to a beautiful lagoon crossing channels and streams flooded by the rise of the waters, effect of the rainy season. In this lagoon, it is possible to practice sports fishing, observation of flora and fauna and of course, swimming in the lagoon.

16:30, we will start the return trip to Puerto Ballivián, where the taxi will be waiting for you to take you to the city of Trinidad (Airport or hotel).

The visitor will have Spanish / English guide according to his preference.

The program can vary according to the location of the Flotel, can start at another point but fulfilling almost the same program.