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3 day river tour program


First Day: Reception at airport and immediate transfer to the riverboat la Reina de Enin. Beginning of the navigation by the Ibare river, during the trip, sightseeing of the flora and fauna of the riversides. In the afternoon we visit Chuchini (where the Jaguar sleeps), a bird sanctuary an also a private protected area, where we can observe the arrival of hundreds of macaws and parrots to their bedrooms. 

Second Day: Navigation until the Ibare meets the Mamoré river. Visit to the mojeño community of Villa del Carmen, visit to the chacos, where we will have the opportunity to take a look at the small-scale crops of: yuca, banana, cacao and sugar cane. Return to the Flotel. Enjoy the lunch while we are navigating to la estancia el Carmen, a typical cattle ranch where we are going to horseback ride through the gallery forest and the savannah for about one hour and a half. Late in the afternoon we will look for a nice beach and swim in the company of the friendly pink river dolphins. In the evening, our guide will give a presentation about the archeology of the area. In the night after the dinner using a small aluminum motorboat, we will go in a “photo safari” looking for the legendary conservation symbol: the black caiman. 

Third Day: Early in the morning we will make a four-hour navigation upstream the Ibare river heading la Loma Suarez small village. This a perfect opportunity to enjoy the gallery forest from a high point of view at the top of the Flotel. Once we reach the port our van will be waiting to take us to the airport. Transfer to International flight.