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5 day river tour program

5-Day river tour program during the dry season (December to April).


Reception and transfer from the airport (or from hotel) to Puerto Ballivián on the Ibare river. Presentation of the crew of the boat and internal tour of the boat by the Captain or guide. Presentation and clarification of the program to follow. Indications proper to the boat and precautions.

Activities will be added according to the duration of the trip and the preferences of the tourist.

Afterward we´ll have a short sailing in a smaller boat to the indigenous community of Copacabana on the Ibare river. The crossing in this area is characterized by a picturesque landscape accompanied by the sighting of some species of fauna of the place. In the community, we perform the observation and interpretation of species of flora, traditional systems of crops, plantations, uses and customs and history.

Sailing on our float on the river Ibare in which, due to its natural characteristics, it is easy to see species of fauna that are usually located on the banks of the river or in the vegetation that borders the river.

18:00, arrival at the confluence Ibare - Mamore and lunch. La Boca (the confluence) is one of the best places for the observation of pink dolphins or bufeos (Inia Boliviensis), an endemic species of the Amazonian rivers of Bolivia.


After breakfast we’ll sail in a smaller boat until you reach a good place to do sports fishing. In this opportunity, it is possible to fish several species of fish among them the blanquillo and the red piranha.

After lunch, we start sailing again on our flotel heading south to cover more space on the Mamoré River. The night is dedicated to the caimaneada. This activity is to observe and to know details of the life of the alligators and Caimans that inhabit the environs of our route.


In the morning we will sail to get closer to our final destination that will be our last day in Puerto Los Puentes. At the middle of the morning, an expedition will be organized to visit a beautiful lagoon with the purpose of observing birds and other species of flora and fauna of the place.

After lunch, you will look for a good place to develop swimming or jungle river tubing (swimming with tubes floats) is a space of relaxation for the visitor.


After breakfast, we`ll make the navigation in a smaller boat to get the Estancia El Carmen, from there we will take a horseback riding excursion through the forest and along the savanna while you`ll know the most important details about livestock in the place.

After that, we`re gonna visit the Santa Maria del Pilar indigenous community that belongs to the Yuracaré ethnic group. In this visit is known about history, customs, planting system.

In the afternoon it is the navigation to reach the port Los Puentes further north of the river Mamoré.


In the morning we will organize a visit to the indigenous community of San Mateo. It is an opportunity to learn about their customs and way of life of this ethnic group.

In the afternoon an expedition will be made on a smaller boat to explore the lagoons surrounding the area.

Later, you will take a return trip to Los Puentes where you will be waiting for the taxi to take you to the city of Trinidad (Airport or hotel).

The visitor will have Spanish / English guide according to his preference.

The program can vary according to the location of the Flotel and can start at another point but following the same program.