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Amazon Cruise Ship Reviews & Testimonies

"Rustic adventure awaits. If you are someone who wants to go off the beaten path and experience very rural Bolivia and the Amazon Basin, the is quite possibly the best way to do it. Accommodations are sparse, but you don't spend much time in the room anyway. The meals are, shockingly, amazing! The crew blends in and becomes part of your family within a few minutes. The rooms even have AC for a few hours during the day if you need it. 

The Amazon region is everything you would expect. Snakes, sloths, monkeys, dolphins, alligators, birds, and more. We traveled in the rainy season and came well prepared for mosquitoes which are a must (but not as bad as we thought). We enjoyed taking the smaller boats out to sightsee and to swim. We even took the boats out at night to look for alligators. By the way, this stretch of the river that the boat is on is some of the most untouched regions of the Amazon.

We booked 3 days/2 nights on the boat but wished we had done more. This is a great adventure for families (we have a 3-year-old) and for those who want to get away." (Trip Advisor) Dr. Shultz from Dallas, Texas

"The Reina de Enin (Amazon River Cruise) and crew, from captain, crew, Chef, the owner were all skilled, kind, fun and cared that we had a good time. We saw monkeys orange, brown, pink dolphin, yellow, blue, black, white birds. Orange and blue butterflies, sloths and heard wild beautiful sounds plus. Thousands of stars more than anywhere else. Thank you for a fun, educational and wonderful travel experience. Did I mention the food? Fantástico!" Michael Morrissey - Documentarian [See Original post]

The Ibare-mamore region is a beautiful ecosystem off the normal tourist path, a great way to decelerate for a few day and enjoy the environment. The flotel is a very special place. I would like to see the Ibare - Mamore region maintain its beauty. (M. Hermel)

I enjoyed learning about the indigenous people and the information about the plants and how they are used in the jungle. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly. Excellent guide very good knowledge about culture and nature. (S. May)

Unique experience. This is a time in my life that I will never forget. The guides were unbelievable, just like the food. (Frank)

It is an experience of a lifetime. We did have a great time, the food was delicious, the crew very friendly and professional, thanks for such a great stay. (T. Baardseth)

We had life experiences like swimming in the river, to know bufeos, night safaris. Thanks for the attention to all the staff, they make up a great team. (M. Cross)


Very creative with program, wonderful nature, we saw a plenty animals, excellent food, very friendly boat staff, I wasn't bored here the one minute :) I was very impressed by creative activities of the stay. We had a fun and unforgettable time on the boat. All people working here are amazing, friendly company. Thank you so much for this experience and amazing time. (M. Del Carpio - Great Britain)


 It is an interesting way to discover Amazonia. It was a fun experience, an amazing trip, very beautiful. I would love to go back. (H. Odile)


Easy to feel at home. Good tours, nice treatment of personnel, positive that there one, few tourist in the area. (P. Hurtado - Bolivia)


It is a good way of visiting the Amazon region of Bolivia. There are good views of the scenery, flora, and fauna. The boat gives good activities. (A. Groth - Sweden)


Tour was fun. The river is beautiful. The tour personnel was very kind and friendly. The guides were knowledgeable. The food was amazing! Our compliments to the chef. (K. Parker - Great Britain)


A unique unavailable anywhere else. An amazing experience that will easily be a highlight of my trip. (L. Aponte - Bolivia)


Very enjoyable one of a kind. Very good staff, Nico was excellent, and Carmen is the best cook I have seen in Bolivia. (K. Swansburg - Canada)


Absolutely, the river and Amazon are amazing, and the staff is fantastic. Lots of fun and relaxation. (J. Larkin - United Kingdom)


Is a really nice tour, and the same time we can relax and learn about Amazonia. (M. Lefebvre - France)


Good for families, relaxed atmosphere, very personal and friendly staff. Small family adventure without too much luxury. (Burke -Irland)