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A unique rainforest river tour

"The country of the three rivers, Beni, Guaporé and Mamoré, that go through a collection of plains on which, here and there, isolated forests can be observed, occupying the highest parts, where the annual flooding waters don’t arrive", as described by famous naturists Haenke (s. XVIII) and D'Orbigny (s. XIX).

Here we find the historic Moxos Plains, a physically, culturally and biogeographically differentiated region. An almost-perfect plain of 120.000 km2 at the southern part of the Amazon Basin.

The scarce highway network and low population of this plain have made easier to keep a great part of its natural features. These savannahs, along with those of the Pantanal, form the non-floodable savannahs of Bolivia.

The Reina de Enín river tour has a profound positive impact on those travelers who decide to visit this part of the Amazon basin.  The best option to experience the deep jungles of the Amazon is our cruise, which reaches very remote places where you can still feel, see and touch traces of a pristine nature and millenary civilization.

There are 3 main reasons why this river trip to the Moxos plains is definitely the most unique of all river jungle tours in the Amazon Basin: 

Llanos de Moxos: Largest protected wetland in the World

Mamore River and Bolivian dolphins

Archeology: Beni and the Pre-columbian mounds


Our area of operations for our river tour is within a Protected Area, Ibare Mamoré which includes authentic family size indigenous communities.