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Archeology: Beni and the Pre-columbian mounds

Beni was a very important center of a pre-Columbian civilization known as the hydraulic culture of Las Lomas (the hills), a culture that constructed over 20,000 man-made artificial hills, all interconnected by thousands of square kilometers of aqueducts, channels, embankments, artificial lakes, and lagoons, as well as terraces.

In this region, they lived from 800 a.C. to 1200 AD Pre-Columbian cultures, such as the "Moxos Hydraulic Culture", which was characterized by the intelligent use of hydraulic infrastructure to manage the water of that vast territory of plains. In that, they based an intensive agricultural production that allowed the survival of those towns.

Among our prestigious guests, we would mention renowned archaeologists Clark Erickson who has enthused us with his studies and hypotheses of the hydraulic culture that inhabited the area thousands of years ago leaving a legacy of hills, ridges, and mysteries that today can be seen in this region.

Our tour includes a presentation onboard about the latest archeological discoveries in the region as well as walks to the pre-Columbian mounds where we will find all kinds of buried ceramic fragments along our paths.

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