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Llanos de Moxos : Largest protected wetland in the World

The Llanos de Moxos, a tropical savanna ecoregion of northern Bolivia known as the Beni savanna head of the Bolivian and continental Amazon Basin is the largest seasonally flooded surface in the world, with unique characteristics on our planet.

Every year for 3 to 4 months between 100,000 and 155,000 km2 of pampas are flooded (ERTS satellite program) with an average of 1 meter or more in depth.These floodplains are considered one of the largest protected wetlands on the planet (WWF) with its more than 30 navigable rivers, and its infinity of lagoons scattered throughout its length.

These wetlands are especially valued for their rich natural diversity: to date, they have identified 131 species of mammals, 568 of birds, 102 of reptiles, 62 of amphibians, 625 of fish and at least 1000 of plants.

The region is crossed by three main rivers: the Beni, to the west, the Iténez or Guaporé, to the east, and the Mamoré, in the central region where our ship navigates. These rivers come together to form the Madeira River, the main tributary of the Amazon River.


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